Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Tuesday 10

1. One of Taryn's masterpieces on the chalkboard - a picture of Mommy (on the left) and Nana. I must say that I'm impressed with her ability to draw people. She's more advanced in that area than Cayson was. Might be a girl thing.

2. I had to run into a local shop store this week to pick up a few things. Taryn found the new kids seating area and loved it! She's staring intently at the tv in this pic as it plays cartoons on loop. Yay!

3. Silly faces on a Saturday.

4. Cupcakes on a Saturday... where Taryn proceeded to make all kinds of crazy faces when I asked to take her picture.

5. Sunday morning pre-church. Taryn wrangled her daddy into listening to her "read" along with all her babies.

6. Cayson kills me with his hate for chicken. I mean, seriously. Chicken is awesome. He does not agree. BUT, he loves lobster salad sandwiches at Quizno's. Go figure.

7. Dusty and I did a tandem sled... let's just say it was not a graceful move but a pretty funny one.

8. I made these for our snow day breakfast. They were divine! Yum-o!

9. Both kids love the snow but Cayson especially loves it. Sledding is definitely one of his favorite snow activities. He was so sad when we finally dragged him away on our snow fun day.

10. Taryn was telling Cayson how she was going to marry him and he kept telling her "No, you can't marry me. Right, Mom?"
Me: "That's right, Taryn. You can't marry your brother."
Cayson (very enthusiastically): "Yes, because God says so and besides, we'd spend too much time together anyway."

Ha ha.

  "The Lord detests lying lips but He delights in those who tell the truth."
Proverbs 12:22


  1. what shop did you go into? Looks cute! Also where do you go to get those yummy cupcakes?

  2. Your snow day breakfast looks delish!


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