Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Wednesday Rambles

Here's a quick peek into our summer. I've been in a blogging funk lately - too many other things to do, I guess.

1. I know most already know the happenings around here... like a new baby boy arriving in November! We are all pretty excited about our new little mister.

Picture by RM Photography

2.  I used to do "Cayson-isms" - funny things Cayson said. I think it's only fair to have Taryn-isms. She has been coming up with some hilarious stuff lately.

One week while I was doing her hair, she told me, "Mom, I've always wanted a dad named Ryan." Oops... sorry, your daddy is not changing his name, dearest.

"Mom, Daddy's favorite thing to do is playing princesses with me!" - yeah, I'm sure it is. Ha ha.

"My mom is nausage today (like sausage with an "n")."

"Mom, God made me to not be a good picker-upper."

3. I went on a onesie making quest a couple of weeks ago. I think I made 14 boys onesies for gifts, orders and our mister. I still need to stitch a few of ours up to get them finished.

4. We've enjoyed some fun swim days so far this year. Both kids are like little fishies and love to be in the water.

5. Dress up time!

6. The kids and I made a trip to the zoo the other week... we got there for their new 8 am opening time. It was nice to enjoy the animals before it got hot. The kids got to see a lot of their favorite animals too. This is the caracal - one of Cayson's favorites.

7. We've enjoyed several events at the library this summer. On this day, they had someone bring in animals and talk about them. The kids got to pet a snake, hedgehog, rabbit, ferret and skink.

8. We've made sure to stay cool with lots of ice cream, ICEES, snow cones and pop sickles!

9. We had a nice, relaxing 4th of July that included our own bicycle parade, pop-its, a cookout and fireworks.

10. This baby boy is growing! Today, I am officially 23 weeks so this picture is a little old. I went to the doctor yesterday for a check up and was told that he is HUGE! Measuring 3 weeks ahead. Yikes! We'll do a couple of growth scans to track his size over the next couple of months.

 11. We got the opportunity to pick corn again this summer. We've enjoyed grilling our fresh, sweet corn!

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