Saturday, October 18, 2008

Another day at the park....

I took Cayson to the park Thursday afternoon to take advantage of the BEAUTIFUL weather! He loves this thing with the bridge... he goes up the stairs across the bridge, back across the bridge, down the stairs, up the stairs, across the bridge, back across the bridge down the steps, and repeat 30 more times! He only went down the slide a handful of times. It was Fall Break so there were a lot of kids at the park, BUT they all prefer the new big toy on the other side of the park so we get the cool old toys to ourselves. Jumping on the bridge!

Oh, and I think I need to mention that he was completely covered in sand/mud from the puddles on the steps... I know most people don't think I let him get dirty. I did strip him down to his diaper and shirt for the ride home... didn't want his car seat covered in the mud! :)


  1. Oh my goodness gracious, but Cayson is just a total ray of sunshine! So, so cute!!

    My kiddo has always loved those kinds of bridges - they have them at a couple of our local playgrounds. She loves most of all to play Billy Goats Gruff with Mommy or Daddy as the Troll under the bridge. Usually, Mommy-the-Troll winds up being the troll for ALL the kids on the playground, as they seem to find it hysterically funny! :)

    You were the commenter above me at SITS roll call today, which is how I found your lovely blog, by the way! Cheers!

  2. He is so precious! Those cheeks are to die for!


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