Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Our Creation

Dusty and I decorated our Halloween house from my bloggy buddy, Holly, on Sunday.... I do not think I have a future in cake decorating... it was fun though. I tried to make mine a little more fall-ish so I could use it through Thanksgiving.
Dusty thought it needed a police car...



  1. Okay...I've missed so much! The pic's of Cayson on the tracks that your sis took--amazing!? Do you know if she ever makes it up to the Chicago area?? LOL.

    Totally jealous of your new dishwasher! I have to be grateful that we have a countertop and sink, however a dishwasher would be heaven--stainless or otherwise! We have a space where the dishwasher will go...one day! What kind did you get? How's it working out?

    The haunted house is very cute...love things like that where you can have fun and get crafty. I am sure I've still got a ton to catch up on--like whose adorable little one is that? So cute...
    Going to try to keep up between bouts with the morning sickness...ugh. Small price to pay... :)

  2. That is cute... better than what I could've done!

  3. I've given you a blog award! You have to stop by to pick it up and get the rules!

  4. Too cute..I love it. Will you eat it? Rofl,c herry

  5. That is so cute and so festive! The police car adds a nice touch too!


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