Friday, November 28, 2008

Our Cozy Thanksgiving Day!

We had a fun Thanksgiving... it was really low stress, amazingly enough. I even had some down time when Cayson was napping to sit and read a few pages in my book! Yipee! I don't get to do that on a normal day.

Dusty is ever so sweet to clean the turkey and pull out the yucky stuff for me....
See me? I was trying to help... holding out the pan for the neck. We're a team. :)

I had a very willing tester in the kitchen.

He's definitely my boy- he LOVED the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade! I love to watch it every year and always dream of being there to watch in person... one of these days...
The cooked monster turkey

My dad came down to help move the hot turkey to a different pan so I could make gravy. Like the gloves?

The project was a little tougher than I thought

Making gravy (for the 1st time)

Dad feeding Cayson turkey bits.

Time to eat!

Cayson convinced Great-Grandpa to read him books...

...and sneak him pie.

I think this is his, "Who me?" look

Dad, Mom, Dusty, Cayson, and I took a walk to work off some of the meal... we ended up at a park so we let Cayson play.

Sliding with Grandma
He got turned around on this slide.

We all had a wonderful day remember our blessings.


  1. Everything looked scrumptious! We missed you, but I'm glad you got to have a stress-free and enjoyable holiday. Let's plan a trip together to the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade some year. I LOVE the parade myself!

  2. Sarah...I hadn't been on lately because is so busy here but I really enjoyed your Thanksgiving pictures. It all looked wonderful. I loved getting to see you parents, as well. I miss all you guys. Hopefully, we are planning a visit out there next year. Hug that cutie pie for me!



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