Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

In honor of Thanksgiving, I wanted to share a few of my blessings from God. He has provided so much for me... abundantly more than I could ever ask!

I am ever grateful to be a child of God. What more could I ask for?

I am thankful for my wonderful family! I married into a fun and loving family whom I love dearly. I love the family God blessed me with from day one! They are always here for me and I love them to pieces!

I am very thankful to have such a wonderful husband who puts up with me through thick & thin. He always knows how to make me laugh and is constantly my rock.

Thank you, God, for blessing us with such a sweet little boy. I never could have imagined the joys of being a mother.

I am also thankful for my house! I am so lucky to have a cozy little house. It may be small, but it is so special to me.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving as we thank God for his blessings! Feel free to post a comment with what you are thankful for.


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  1. I am thankful God gave me two beautiful and loving daughters. What a great hostess and decorator you are. Your granny would be proud. You take care of your family with style. God has blessed me abundantly with His love and family. Dusty and Keith are like sons I never bore. And Cayson is of course the smartest and most beautiful boy in the world. I am especially thankful that God allowed Grandpa Kitchens to survive his stroke and stay with us longer.


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