Friday, August 14, 2009

PINK is My Favorite Color!

It looks like we will be shopping for PINK in the upcoming months!!!! We are utterly excited to meet our daughter after seeing her precious face at the ultrasound.

This ultrasound was quite opposite of Cayson’s… Baby J did not cooperate at all for the ultrasound. Legs were crossed tight hiding the little bottom and anatomy. Hand were covering the face making it impossible to get a good profile pictures. Finally, at the end of the ultrasound, Baby J moved it’s legs just enough for the tech to get a peek at its anatomy determining we are expecting a sweet (I hope) girl.

Now it’s name picking time! We have a couple names in the works but nothing is decided yet.


  1. YAY!!! I couldn't wait to hear boy or GIRL!!!

    Congratulations on a sweet baby girl in the making :)

  2. Yes!! I knew it! Or I was hoping at least. :o) I can't WAIT to see pictures on your blog of the little cutie in all her pink finery. And Cayson is definitely qualified to have a little sister because he already knows how to weild a bat. He'll most likely need to use that skill on a few boys during little sister's lifetime. :o)


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