Thursday, October 22, 2009

Our “Yiddle” Boy

Apparently, Cayson does not want to be a big boy… he prefers to be a “yiddle” (little) boy. If I mention something about his big boy underwear, he corrects me with, “No, yiddle boy underwear.” If someone asks him if he’s a big boy, he responds with, “No, Cays yiddle boy.” It really cracks me up. He is eager to sleep in his big boy bed though… he asks at least once a day. He wants baby to come sleep in his bed so he can sleep in the big bed.

He is very excited for his baby sister to arrive. He likes to talk into my belly button to her… he even holds Minnie Mouse to my belly button so she can talk to baby sister. He told her to come out the other day and wanted me to move my skin so he could see her. Life is hilarious around here… can’t you tell? Last night when I asked him what he wants to name her, he replied with “Jesus.” Hhhmmm…. let me think about that one…

I told Cayson she will probably be here around Christmastime so when Mom asked him what he wants for Christmas, he gleefully replied, “A baby!!!!” Think he’ll change his tune after she makes her grand appearance?

Cayson’s Sunday School lesson was about Zacchius so I went over his take-home paper with him and sang the Zacchius song with him. Later, I asked him who his story was about- who climbed the tree, and he replied with something that resembled the name Zacchius. Isn’t it amazing what they retain? We can still ask him, and he remembers the story.

Last week, we were eating hot dogs at an event at our bank and Cayson pointed to the stop sign and said, “stop sign, 8 sides.” Wow! I asked if he knew what shape it was and he responded with, “Oct-gon” (octagon). Now when we pull up to a stop sign, instead of saying, “stop sign", he points and says, “Oct-gon.” The toddler mind is an amazing thing!

As you can guess, he is constantly coming up with things… I am trying to use this blog to document it because I rarely write in his journal. I know I forget half of the Cayson-isms but I am trying to keep up with them!

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