Friday, November 13, 2009

Curious George Live

 It’s funny how God works the little things out… my mom really wanted to take Cayson to Curious George Live but we never got around to getting tickets. Fast forward to Wednesday – Nana called and had four tickets someone had given to her! Who-hoo! So, we got to take Cayson to Curious George Live last night and they were great seats! He LOVED it!

So excited before the show started!


Exhausted Mommy- after being in the city all day for dr appointment and shopping…


Dusty was REALLY excited to see George.


Sitting with Grandma


IMG_6091 IMG_6095

Cayson with Curious George… total torture to get him to stand still for these pictures.IMG_6098 IMG_6099

Thank you for the tickets, Nana!


  1. Your little boy is precious! Looks like he had a good time :)


  2. Hey Sarah! That is awesome your going to be induced January 4th. I would love to have this baby before the end of the year too. I am from Arkansas, but live in Nevada now b/c my husband's family lives out here. My mom & Nannie are flying in on January 3rd. I fly home in a week to have a double baby shower with my twin sister who is also pregnant with a boy. Can't wait to see pics of your nursery. I'll post pics of mine when I get everything in! Have a fab weekend!

    Bon :)


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