Sunday, November 8, 2009

Project Week

Have I mentioned that Dusty is off work for 17 days? Yay!!! He spent the first week of his vacation doing Honey-Do’s to get ready for Baby Girl’s arrival. He’s painted, painted, painted, and painted some more. It probably didn’t help that I changed my mind on the kids’ room paint color mid-job… and I think I like the final color. I thought I’d show off some of his handy-work.

Here are some of the painting of the bedroom pics…. the paint was peeling all along the bottom of the wall so that posed a fun “challenge” for Dusty.


Mid-way through…. two of the paint colors… the yellowish one was actually a lime green that was way brighter than I expected… not quite the pale green I was going for. IMG_6060

Final color


Our new microwave, installed above the stove…. it gave me some great counter space getting rid of the old one!

Silly 008

New light fixture on the front porch

Silly 017

Painting both the front doors…. this isn’t quite done yet. Silly 020

Dusty painted this bookcase to put in the kids’ room. I love all the storage for Cayson’s book collection!

Silly 022

I did paint the rocking horse… have to take credit for something. :)Silly 023

The dresser is a work in progress… waiting on the last coat of paint to dry on the drawers and then it will be ready to fill with clothes!

Silly 024

Dusty put together this underbed storage organizer to hold most of Cayson’s indoor balls… yes, he likes balls a bit.

 Silly 026

Iron board hanger installed

 Silly 028

Hat hooks… I did paint this too.

Silly 030

Updated ceiling fan for the kids’ room

 Silly 031

Of course, Dusty has had a very willing helper who slows speeds the process along.


I’m so happy Dusty has knocked down so many projects on my to-do list! We are much closer to being baby ready now.

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  1. The room looks great. You must be so excited! I imagine that Cayson is getting excited as well! Hope you are feeling well.


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