Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Baby Wearing

I’m trying out some baby wearing this time around with Miss T. So far, it’s been great. She seems comfortable and it keeps my hands free.

IMG_6626 IMG_6627

I currently use the Sleepy Wrap carrier… it’s very similar to the Moby Wrap.


  1. Aww, she is cuddled up to her momma! I have a baby bjorn, but haven't used it yet. That wrap looks comfy too!

  2. sweet! I love my moby and so does Gracie. I will use it when I am just doing things around the house and she is fussy and wants to be held. It works out so well!

  3. How sweet!! I want to use a wrap when we have kids too. I'll have to bookmark that site for future reference. :o)

  4. awww, so cute!

    hey, do you use any product in your hair to make it look so good and wavy? I have wavy hair too but it doesnt look as great as yours does...


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