Friday, March 26, 2010

We’re ready for spring!!!

Cayson spent just about all day on Wednesday outside. He is very into bubbles right now and enjoyed pushing his bubble mower (Thanks, Scott, Lindey & Rylan!) and using his bubble gun (Thanks, Grandma!).



He kept using his bubble gun to clean Dusty’s lawnmowers and used the rag to clean his bubble gun.

IMG_7307 IMG_7308

Dusty took him for a spin on the Dixon… Cayson was a bit frightened by the ride.


I don’t have any pictures, but Cayson kept driving his Jeep behind the house next door to look for “red gooey fish” – a reference to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. He has quite the imagination and goes 100% when imagining. He can have you believing he really is fishing for red gooey fish by the enthusiasm in his voice and body language.

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  1. We're a fan of red gooey fish at the Thrasher house too!!: )


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