Thursday, April 15, 2010

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I know these might seem boring to others or they might not see the humor in the moment but these are little things about Cayson that crack us up and I want to remember. He is always saying the funniest, cutest, sweet things and I am loving this season of his life.


Cayson told me that my food was the best ever. I asked if it was better than Pizza Hut (one of his favorite places to eat) and he said, “Yes, Mommy!” Love that!!!

Cayson told Dusty that his nose was running. Dusty jokingly asked where it was running to and Cayson replied, “My mouth.”

Dusty was doing some cleaning with bleach and I told him to be careful. Cayson kept telling Dusty, “Be easy, easy, easy, easy, Daddy.” Then he would come and tell me exactly what he told Daddy. He likes to do that…. repeat something word for word to the other parent. I might tell him what something is and he’ll turn around to Dusty and explain it exactly how I did to him.

When Taryn is screaming bloody murder crying, Cayson yells to me, “Taryn is crying!” Um, kthanks.

Today when Taryn was crying, Cayson said this in one long run-on sentence, “Taryn, calm down!!! Aw,  man! That didn’t work.” I was dying laughing. He said it several times all in one breath.

While washing his hands, Cayson exclaimed, “That water poked me in the eye!”

I was making nachos and Cayson was playing when he hurt his finger. In the midst of his cries, he told us that a chip would make him feel so much better. I handed him a chip and he exclaimed, “That’s a really good chip!”

Cayson calls jelly beans “jumping beans.”

The other morning, he said, “ I can’t see outside because it’s froggy.”

He still loves to imitate Dusty. He pretends he has a pager like Dusty’s fire pager and listens to it just like Dusty. He also called one of his cell phones, his “iPod” and told us not to drop his “iPod.”

The other evening, he was pretending to go on police calls like Daddy. He told me had to go on a call and it was a really, really, really bad one.

I told Cayson we were going to get dressed, and he enthusiastically exclaimed, “You betcha, Mommy! You betcha!”

I often use the phrase “I’m going to hop into the shower” and Cayson ALWAYS corrects me by saying, “No, Mommy! You might fall.”

He always wants to sing “The B-I-B-E-O” instead of The B-I-B-L-E.

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