Tuesday, April 20, 2010

85 Years young and horses… what a combination!

We celebrated my grandpa’s 85th birthday last week with a little family dinner.  It just so happens that Uncle Keith had a horse in a trailer with him so after dinner, Cayson got to ride a horse for the first time! When Dusty asked Cayson if he wanted to ride a horse, Cayson replied, “We can’t, Daddy. We don’t have cowboy hats.”

Grandpa & Ms. Alvina cuddled my cherub baby. :) IMG_7568

Grandpa & Ms. Alvina (He got several hats for his birthday and tried them all on. Thus, the lovely hair.)


Horse riding in the front yard… yes, we must be redneck.

IMG_7572 IMG_7574 IMG_7582 IMG_7586

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