Tuesday, June 1, 2010

5 months old!

  Miss T celebrated 5 months this past Sunday… though she’s been part of our life for just over a year now! It was a year ago Sunday that we told our family we were expecting. It was also a year ago, that I had a scary trip to the E.R. thinking I was going to lose this precious gift from God. He is good and I now have a sweet little girl to prove it!

Momma & her girl!IMG_8042

My babies… Cayson was mad at us but insisted on taking a picture despite his tears and unhappy face. IMG_8043 IMG_8044 IMG_8046

The official 5 month pictures

 IMG_8047 IMG_8050 IMG_8052

Trying to leave… always on the go.


Our Little Miss is growing… she’s about to outgrow the 3 month clothing, I think. She can now wear some of her 3-6 stuff which is kind of sad but fun to pull out new outfits. ;) She is still very vocal… whether she’s happy or mad, she makes sure everyone knows it! She is working on becoming mobile, she can scoot and roll just about anywhere and has done a few army crawling maneuvers. No teeth yet – but she is definitely teething – lots of drool and everything goes into her mouth. Today, she ate some blue tissue paper. Nice. She adores her brother and he usually can get her giggling away. We love you, Taryn! We are blessed by your spirit and laughter!

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