Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Bringing Back Splatter Paint!

We did a little twist on splatter-painting t-shirts this year. I’ve done this before here. You can see the step-by-step there. I forgot one step… I usually paint in the stencil first before doing the splatter painting over it. Oops. They still turned out cute, I think…

The paint


The helper… despite having strep, he willingly helped sling paint!

IMG_8406 IMG_8407

I did a monogrammed onesie for one of my friend’s newborn sweetie.


Here’s my oops shirt. Taryn’s shirt didn’t turn out so cute… looks like a bird pooed in the middle so it got a little makeover – a star sewn over the top of the paint.


I couldn’t find a great picture of Cayson’s firecracker shirt so here’s the best… and you can see Miss T’s made-over shirt.


The onesie turned out the cutest – totally my favorite of all!

IMG_8414 IMG_8415

Yeah, we’re bringing 80’s back Splatter-Paint Style!


  1. That is so cool! What a neat idea. I remember having shirts with puff paint in Jr. High, haha!

  2. Hi, this is Beth from Sand To Pearl. Thanks for the lovely comment on my Bib at Prudent Baby. You are really crafty, and you take such beautiful photos!


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