Sunday, August 1, 2010

Guys Night Out

Dusty & Cayson went to a Redhawks baseball game Friday night with Papa and Uncle Greg. It was the perfect Guys Night Out!


Cayson was not a fan of Rowdy the Redhawk and made sure he kept an eye on him at all times so he wouldn’t get too close.  And – he kept calling him a parrot.


It was a night filled with lots of goodies and spoiling for Cayson!

IMG_8733 IMG_8737 IMG_8741 IMG_8743

Waiting on the foul ball that never came.


I think they all had a fun night and made great memories! Now we are looking forward to the Rangers’ games in Dallas later this month!


  1. What date are you going to the Rangers game?

  2. what a special evening! I'm impressed with Dusty taking pics, Ryan never will for me.

  3. Looks like all the guys had a blast! We're going to Texas for a Ranger's game next weekend. We're going on Friday night! What night are you going?


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