Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Miss T: 8 Months Old


Yesterday marked Taryn’s 8th month with us. I worked on a photo book of her birth this week and it amazes me how much they grow and change during the first year. Her first tooth barely broke through yesterday… translation: we’ve been up the past few nights with her teething tantrums. Last night and today, she gave kisses on request. I was so excited! They may be wet and “might” include her tongue but they are sweet! 


IMG_8853  IMG_8858 IMG_8861

Taryn is very vocal and will yell to get your attention – usually she is trying to get the attention of her brother. She loves her brother! Except, maybe when he hops uninvited into her picture… or rolls on her… or steals toys from her…. or drags her around the house and bosses her around… yes, sibling love!










 IMG_8842 IMG_8843 IMG_8844


She is eating solids very good. We just started 3 meals a day and she is quite the fan! She loves puffs & Cheerios and we’re working on the sippy cup. We are still supplementing formula to work on plumping the girl up. She’s still a skinny little thing wearing 3-6 month clothes and starting to wear some 6-9 month things. She can still fit a few 0-3 things too!

She has started sticking her tongue out the side of her mouth and it is so hilarious. I’ve got to get a video or picture of it!

I’ve started planning Miss T’s first birthday party. It might sound crazy but I know how hectic the holidays are and then throw in Taryn’s first birthday party! The weekend before T’s birthday is Christmas and the weekend after is New Year’s so we have to figure that out. I’ve ordered a few things and have a plan for the decor!


  1. She is adorable. I can tell in her face she is looking older and she just gets cuter and cuter!
    I cannot wait to see them interact in CDO! They will be such good friends!

  2. She is too cute! She is definitely growing!


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