Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Sick Girls


This was our sick baby girl on Sunday. She woke up from her nap happy as usual and then proceeded to vomit all over Mommy. She was soooo sick – vomiting 20+times in four hours. We ended up in the ER. Of course, when we arrived at the hospital, Taryn perked right up and ended up going an hour without being sick so we decided to leave instead of waiting a few more hours. She slept peacefully in her own bed and then drained many sippy cups of Pedialyte the next morning. She’s back to her happy self minus a little cold and a new tooth that just popped through.


Obviously, I now have this nastiness… except mine has lasted two long days. Ugh. We had to postpone Taryn’s birthday party thanks to this nastiness. We didn’t want to “share” this yuckiness and I, obviously, didn’t get any prep work done since I’ve been glued to the bed the past two days.

Tomorrow, we celebrate Taryn’s first birthday! Pray nobody is sick and that I am well enough to enjoy our baby’s day.

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