Monday, March 14, 2011

Tuesday 10

I missed Tuesday 10 last week! I just ran out of time... story of my life!

1. Eight years ago I said "I do" to the best man ever! Happy Anniversary, Dusty!!! I love you!

2. In preparation of our anniversary, Dusty lost his wedding band this past weekend. Figures. I am happy that he kept track of it for 8 years. I am not mad at all and am more than happy to replace it if it does not turn up. Here's a picture of the lost ring... it cost us all of $25 from James Avery plus the engraving fee.

3. We have a new temporary "family member" who is seeking a permanent home. A cute little teenage kitty has adopted us and has been hanging around for well over a week. If you're looking for a sweet male cat, give us a call! It needs a home!!!

4. To kick off our spring break, I was diagnosed with strep and a sinus infection and Taryn with ear infections. Dusty has congestion too so we are a yucky house at the moment. Also, pray for Dusty as he injured his shoulder chasing down a guy over the weekend. Hopefully, he can see a doctor tomorrow to see what is going on.

5. For those of you praying for my grandma, she is doing well. She was discharged from the hospital in OKC last Thursday and had emergency eye surgery on Friday. She is back at home with Grandpa in their cozy little apartment.

6. Cayson is officially signed up for Blast Ball at our local YMCA. He is very excited to play something that is similar to baseball! He keeps telling me all the people he wants to invite so feel free to attend his upcoming games!

7. We took Cayson to his first OKC Thunder basketball game last Sunday. He LOVED it! He proudly wore his OKC Thunder shirt to school the next day to show off. One of his teachers is a huge Thunder fan so he was excited to tell her all about the game! It was a fun experience for us!

8. Taryn, Taryn, Taryn. What to say about this little fire cracker? I think she's really figured out the tormenting her brother thing this past week. She likes to grab a toy he's playing with and take off running or purposely knock down his towers, destroy his elaborate crash scenes, etc.

9. I think Taryn is really filling out and growing. I'm very interested to hear her stats at her next check up. She is still rear-facing in her car seat and seems quite content so we plan on leaving her that way for as long as possible since it's so much safer. She loves being able to watch Cayson on the back row from her spot.

10. Cayson's birthday is fast approaching and I've done absolutely nothing to plan/prepare for it! I don't have a date for his party (mostly because I don't see a on our calendar to have it) and I have yet to find many ideas for his Firefighter-policeman-ambulance party.

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  1. Ha! Blondie lost his wedding ring ON OUR HONEYMOON! The original cost about $300 at Kelley's...the replacement, which looks exactly the same, was $30 on We thought about buying two just in case, but decided there was no reason to enable his carelessness :)


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