Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tuesday 10!

It's TUESDAY again! Wasn't it Tuesday yesterday? Spring break sort of flew by even though our week was filled with sickness from every.single.member of our family. I realize this is late now... it's nearly Wednesday but better late than never!

1. The Bachelor is over :( What to watch on Monday nights now? I missed Dancing with the Stars this week but might catch that. I don't know what to think about the Bachelor... I liked Emily but I don't think Brad is good enough for her! I did read Reality Steve to get the scoop this season and I'm not thrilled about the new Bachelorette- Ashley. I doubt I'll watch her (and her ponytails)

2. Fantastic news on Dusty's shoulder! He went to the doctor on Monday and the doctor "thinks" he sprained a muscle and tore a little something or another (that I don't know the name) but it should all heal on it's own with no missed work! That is a BIG answer to prayer!

3. Taryn started climbing onto the dining room table this week. Yikes! I got her a pair of squeaker shoes and I am thinking she needs to wear them all the time at home so I know where she is at all times. Climbing on the table is unacceptable and she's received her fair share of discipline over it.

4. Cayson seems to be 100% recovered to the point of overly hyper-ness. He was a crazy chatterbox Monday afternoon about driving Dusty and I crazy with the talk. It does scare me to think how serious things could have gotten since his throat was closing up and the wheezing was due to his throat being so restricted. Thank you, God, for wisdom when it was needed the most!

5. I finally ordered Taryn's Easter dress Sunday night after procrastination on my part. AND, I ordered the wrong size! I don't know what I was thinking. I did email the seller this morning to see if they could change the order (it's a hand-made dress) and was assured they would change the size. I really must be losing it...

6. I've been working on some Picaboo photo books of our past vacations - San Antonio 2010 and Florida 2008. I haven't done St. Louis 2009 either. I think it will be fun to have all our vacations done so the kids can look back at them. I've also been working on doing them of each of their birthdays/parties.

7. My Shoe Loving Buddy is in deep trouble. Okay, maybe not too deep. I wore a new pair of sandals today and was in the shower when Dusty came in and asked if I didn't like my sandals.... because they were in the trash! The stinker threw my brand new shoes away! Taryn really does love shoes. She is always trying to put my shoes on and loves to drag all her shoes out. She can also clearly say, "shoes" with a huge smile on her face. Yes, there is NO doubt that she is my daughter! 

8. I really want this ruffly, gorgeous tote/purse. Anyone looking to buy something cute for me? Okay, guess not. It is sooooo very cute and summery!!!

9. I've noticed a lot of people getting into coupon-ing lately. I don't know if it has to do with the show (which I haven't seen), Extreme Couponing or what. I've been a die-hard couponer for 8 years now. I think I probably save about $100 or more a week using coupons... I say that including online shopping coupons, restaurant coupons, grocery coupons, etc. I was excited today to get 4 boxes of (healthy) pasta, 2 salsas and one yogurt for FREE. Stacking coupons with sales for the best deals is totally the way to go when it comes to coupons. I love Walgreens deals too... I saved over $75 last week at Walgreens alone shopping their sales and using coupons. It was seriously insane. I'm very excited that more people are using coupons because it's free money for anyone who wants to spend a little time clipping coupons.

10. Now that it is official spring it means it is garden time!!! Dusty plowed up a new plot this year - we are moving the garden to a different spot which will hopefully get more sunshine (and produce more). We are starting our composting to get the soil ready and Dusty needs to till in some bunny poop fertilizer too. I haven't decided what all we will be planting this year. For sure, peppers of all varieties and tomatoes. Possibly cucumbers, squash, onions, lettuce. I wish I had the space to do pumpkins. I would love to grow our own pumpkins for the fall.

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