Sunday, March 20, 2011

Random Us

Here are a few pictures from last Sunday. Cayson had Dusty build him this "robot" which was a big hit. These are just a few random pictures of my sweet babies!

Cayson had a scary day today... a little opposite of last Sunday. He woke up not feeling well so I left him at home with Dusty while Taryn & I went to church. I did not think he was that sick but kept him home as a precaution. After church, we went to eat pizza and he ate nothing - very unusual for him! He was extremely lethargic. After his afternoon nap, he was wheezy and had labored/shallow breathing. Dusty took him to the ER and they diagnosed him with strep and croup and said his throat had closed up. He was given steroids and a breathing treatment to get him going. They did x-rays to check everything out and his lungs were good and clear! I was a worried momma and am happy he's feeling much better! According to Dusty, he thoroughly enjoyed his visit to the ER. He told me it was great fun! Silly boy! 

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