Saturday, March 19, 2011

Windy Weather Picnic

Since our spring break was far from being that we were sick most of the week, we finished it off with a picnic at the park with friends! The only issue being that it was WINDY and COLD. I even checked the weather and it looked decent. Oklahoma weather is unpredictable! The kids had a blast regardless! 

Taryn & Gracelyn crawling up the steps side-by-side. This cracked me up. They are great friends at the moment though both are very opinionated and stubborn. 

Dusty was a sweetheart and helped play with the boys so Kendra and I could chat it up. We missed our twice weekly chats at CDO during spring break so there was a lot of chatting going on! 


  1. Look at our girls!! They are getting too big too fast. I'm so thankful for Dusty entertaining my 2. Thanks for inviting us for a picnic, we really did have a good time.

  2. It was SOOOO windy in Vegas today too! It was actually cold & I loved it! I am already dreading the heat :(


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