Friday, March 18, 2011

Zulily for complete adorable-ness!

Have you tried Zulily yet? I have been a member for years but never opened the emails they sent me... until recently. Oops! I've ordered the kids some ADORABLE stuff at a huge discount over the past month. Today, they have all kinds of darling things listed like these dresses... I'm swooning over them! 


There are even things for Mommy! Like these rain boots. Eek! 

All kinds of things to oogle on Zulily so give it a try! You have to be a member to get the deals.


  1. I LOVE Zulily! I got my purse from there & Jarrett some shoes. My fav is my purse. Its a Big Buddha Ivanna in brown :D Like this one!

  2. I am so behind on your blog. Those dresses are absolutely adorable!! I must check that site out.


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