Thursday, April 28, 2011

4 Years Ago

I just realized that this post didn't post - it was in my drafts. Now that it's nearly a month old! Cayson turned four on April 28! 

I seriously cannot wrap my mind around the fact that my first-born baby turns 4 today! Four years ago, we welcomed our sweet boy into this world. Last night, he asked for many extra cuddles and kisses from his momma (his last night as a 3 year old!). I think he knew I was nostalgic and a little bit sad that he is growing up. I'm sure I ended up kissing him about 40+ times! He usually asks me or Dusty to lay with him for a few minutes after we tuck him in at night. Sometimes, we oblige and sometimes we let him drift off to sleep. I treasure those cuddles though... he's not going to want our cuddles forever.  One day, we will miss these days.
I must admit that I had a proud Mommy moment on Sunday when I overheard Cayson telling his cousins that Easter isn't about Easter eggs and bunnies but about Jesus dying on the cross. Awe! We had many, many, many conversations about this... there were many questions - some that I had no idea how to answer. But hopefully, we are heading in the right direction with our curious boy.

To add to my sadness, he started telling me that he'd be 5, and then 6, and then 7, and then 8.... and so on. He told me he'd stop at 10. Thank goodness I'll always have my little 10 year old! Ha ha! 

The other day, I asked for Cayson Cuddles and he told me, "Maybe tomorrow, Mom." Aw, doesn't that sound grown-up? Too grown-up for me!

Every day, he grills Dusty about his night shift. "Did you catch any bad guys?" is always his first question. Followed by "How many cars did you pull over?" "How many crashes were there?" "Who did you work with?" How many cars did they pull over?" and so forth. Many, many questions. He'd make a great supervisor! He even throws in comments like, "Dad, that's a big zero!" when Dusty tells him he had no arrests. 

I love the little boy Cayson is turning into. He is full of happiness and smiles and he loves his family and friends! He loves God and is grasping the concept of our Heavenly Father and Savior. I could not have dreamed of a better son and I thank God every day for our precious Cayson.

Amazing photos by RM Photography as usual! She's the best!!!

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