Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Easter!

We had a fantastic Easter this year (considering that I broke my foot last Easter and Dusty was out of town!). We had lovely rain and cool weather which was welcomed due to the terrible drought we are in at the moment. We took a few quick pictures before we headed off to church.

The kids got a few goodies in their Easter basket (Cayson actually stuck the chocolate eggs in his - they were an earlier gift from Great-Grandaddy).

I attempted a sibling picture but the kids were less than cooperative. It is VERY hard to get Taryn to stand or sit still enough to snap a picture. She was a little disgruntled in this picture too. :)
Daddy with his sweet girl! Though she's NOT looking at the camera! We headed to Carnegie to spend the afternoon with Dusty's family. It was a small crowd of 24 with 11 kids!

We did an inside egg hunt because of the weather. We divided the kids up to help make it fair. Taryn hunted eggs with two of her older cousins (who are closest to her in age). I think she may have smoked them. She had a take no prisoners approach to egg hunting (as you can see by this picture)!

Cayson hunted eggs with his friend, Kasey, since they are the "middle" kids. 

We attempted a big cousin picture! I think it turned out pretty good! Cayson's eyes are closed but I could probably have Aunt Rebecca fix that for me. :) 

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  1. I really like the pic of you with your sweet babies!


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