Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Blast Ball 2011

One of Cayson's biggest dreams came true today! He got to play "baseball" aka Blast Ball at the local YMCA. He woke up extra early this morning to remind me of his game and inform me that we needed to set up his baseball T and bases so he could practice. This is serious business, folks.

There was some confusion throughout. Think, kids running in from the batting team to field their teammate's ball. *laugh, laugh* It was cute and fun! They only run to one base - there's no running the bases. Cayson asked on the way home why they didn't have all the bases.

Cayson had some good hits too! I don't have any pictures of those BIG hits. He hit the ball to the back of the gym! 

There's one of his big swings and misses. They were followed by a big hit though!

Cayson had an enthusiastic cheering section! 

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