Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tuesday 10!

One of these days, I'll actually get Tuesday 10 posted at a decent time! I'm usually so busy on Mondays between CDO, dinner, baths, payroll and bookwork and then I don't mess with blogging until after bedtime on Tuesdays. Thus, my late posts. Hope everyone is having a good week! I have tons of pictures that I've taken but I'm having a hard time figuring out how to import/organize them on my Mac using Lightroom.... hoping my sis comes through to show me the ways of the wise! I was able to add a few pictures to this post today!

1. Sickness abounds around here.... well, the quarantine abounds. Taryn has never slowed down.at.all. One of the main symptoms of HFAM is no appetite. Apparently, that doesn't apply to our monster girl. She's still eating us out of house and home! Cayson, on the other hand, was extremely miserable Saturday and Sunday. He slept sporadically Saturday and Sunday nights thus I was up frequently with he and Taryn. Monday afternoon, he seemed to take a turn for the best (read: hyper and busy). Today, both kids have been going non-stop- they are both polka dotted but feeling pretty good. We have to keep them from other kids for a few days still to make sure they don't "share" this virus. No CDO this week for us.

2. Our garden is semi-planted! I hope to get it finished this week! Dusty tilled up a bigger and new plot for me and I've planted a couple tomato plants and 3 types of peppers. I also experimented by planting a few seeds to see how they do.

3. Instagram is one of my newly favorite iPhone applications. I love how you can snap a pic, add an effect and post it to Twitter & Facebook. I know people are probably annoyed with my abundant posts from Instagram. I used Labelbox to add the label to this one.

4. Cayson wrote my dad a "ticket from the POlice" today for running a red light - several weeks ago! He told me he was writing Granddaddy a ticket and I asked what for. He explained that Granddaddy ran a red light when they were coming home from Lucille's and he needed a ticket.

5. I threatened to shut Taryn in her room until she's 18 today out of pure frustration. Cayson was quick to pipe up that I would go to jail if I did that. Geez....

6. I guess related to Taryn being threatened, she was into EVERYTHING Tuesday. She poured out the salt and pepper (on separate occasions), ate cat food (twice!), climbed onto the dining room table (countless times), drank from Cayson's cup, drank Cayson's slush, rubbed mac & cheese into her hair, climbed on a file box that was very unsteady so she could get into my crafting supplies, filled a water pitcher with rocks from our fireplace, and the list goes on and on. Are you jealous that I get to chase this child all day long?

7.  I got out my Easter/Spring decor this week. I found these cute bunnies hiding in my tote. :) 

8. We enjoyed the beautiful spring weather today! We had a picnic lunch in our yard, took a walk and I taught Cayson the joys of "helicopters."  We were thankful for a less windy day with beautiful sunshine! (And yes, I even put a bib on Taryn when we picnic! That girl is a messy eater!)

9. Cayson told me this morning that he can't wait to be a policeman so he can have his own computer and tell people where the bathroom is. I asked if that's what policeman do and he replied with a yes. Ha ha. His dad sure got a kick out of it too! 

10.  My dad and Dusty's brother are always bringing us interesting things that they find while working. Today's find was this HUGE moth. I don't know if this picture does it justice but it looked like a bat!  Massive, I tell you! Last week, Greg brought us this.

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