Saturday, April 9, 2011

Sick Babies

I hate having sick babies! At the moment, they are both sick. Icky, icky, icky! Taryn developed a rash Thursday that spread by Friday so I got her to the pediatrician where she was diagnosed with hand, foot & mouth. That completely freaked me out! It's a virus that can be picked up here or there or anywhere - especially when you have a baby that constantly puts her hands in her mouth!

Naturally, she shared it with Cayson and he is so sick. His temp spiked to a scary 104.7 and I gave him a cold bath to bring the fever down. He's vomited, had chills, fever and all over yuckiness today while his sister has been going full steam ahead - never slowing down. She has the rash over her whole body where Cayson really doesn't have it. The bad part is that this lasts 7-10 days. Double yuck!

Taryn had to trump her brother by falling head first off the bed and landing smack on a painful metal basket. Poor girl. She has a bruise above her eye and a gash/bruise/goose egg on her cheek. I'm afraid it's going to look nasty by Sunday. 

You can see the rash around Taryn's mouth here. The rash is really bad on her diaper area and legs. Luckily, the rash doesn't hurt her - it's the sores/lesions in their mouth and throat that are painful. 

Please keep our family in your prayers this next week. The kids will be quarantined so it may be a l.o.n.g week.

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