Sunday, May 29, 2011


Blogging seems to be harder and harder to keep up with these days. I am really trying to live life with our little family and enjoy the time we have together (though there are many days that I count down the minutes until bedtime!) These are a few pictures from the past week and life in our house! 

Taryn is a girly girl with a tomboy side thrown in! I guess that's what you get when you have a big brother. I caught her filling her purse with his cars the other morning. Then she carried her purse of cars along with Cayson's buckets of cars. Can you tell she's busy? 

Taryn is quite the silly thing. She loves gloves and is always putting a pair on. She can actually get all her fingers in the correct fingers of the gloves, amazingly enough for a 1 year old! 

 A box has provided some entertainment in our house! I can't remember what they were pretending to do but they were happy for a few minutes and that's all that matters! 

These aren't the highest quality photos but Taryn was stuffing loads of Cayson's cars into her romper. This girl is quite the comedian, I'm telling you! (crazy hair compliments of her pigtails that came out)

Her romper was falling down, she had it weighed down so much. 

We enjoyed our first day in the kiddie pool on Saturday! Both kids had a blast. We are working on getting the big pool up and running. We've had several setbacks this year. :(  The kids are quite happy with this little bitty pool for the time being!

Taryn wore her first bikini-ish swimsuit (the description was tankini but it's smaller than I expected). Dusty was NOT happy about the swimsuit. Ha ha. It definitely accentuates her belly! 


Cayson has been "busy" lately working with Granddaddy and Uncle Greg. "Going to work" is one of his favorite things! The lemonade that Granddaddy gets him might be an extra motivator. He carries his toolbox filled with his play tools, a notepad (because Granddaddy always forgets to write things down - Cayson's exact words), a pencil, Crayons and bulldozers (in case they have to do dirt work). He cracks me up with his seriousness about "working." 

That's a bit from our week! I've started Tuesday 10's the past couple weeks but never got them finished and published.... maybe this week?

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  1. That cute girl! I just love seeing what she's been up to because it's always something. She's so silly!


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