Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day

I flipped through some of my grandpa's World War II stuff today and was brought to tears after reading some of his letters and journaling from his time spent fighting for our freedom. The stories he wrote, choked me up thinking about all he endured for our freedom. He willingly went to war, was wounded, captured by the Germans, escaped, and was recaptured. He was practically starved while living in POW camps having to share a loaf of bread (that he said tasted like sawdust) with 5-7 men and got two cups of water soup a day. They slept on cold floors with no blankets and most of the men didn't sleep because they were too cold. They walked for days to different POW camps and he had to be treated for the terrible blisters on his feet. It is so crazy to read what he went through so that Americans can have freedom. 

I scanned a few mementos that I found interesting. Here are two of the telegrams that my great-grandmother received: 

This is a picture from his time spent overseas - he's the one on the bottom left hand corner wearing glasses.  

These two pictures were taken before he left for WWII. The first one, he's with one of his youngest siblings (He had 9 siblings!)


I am so thankful for the many men & women who willingly sacrifice so much for our wonderful country! God bless America! 

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  1. Such a special post, what a brave man your grandpa is.


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