Monday, May 16, 2011

Zoo Time!

We made a little trip to the wonderful zoo last week for some great fun! It was a cold day.... Momma didn't dress appropriately and ended up borrowing Daddy's hoodie for the day. Oops!

Cayson loves maps and loves being the "navigator" of everything! His favorite part of the zoo trip was the tram ride. He always looks forward to the tram ride and asked about it all morning long until he finally got his wish! I do love how the tram is an easy way to see a lot of animals!

The Children's Zoo and petting zoo was fun for both kiddos this time around! They loved the goats! 


My dad is a little infamous for his love of fair type food - especially ice cream and funnel cake! He shared some funnel cake with Cayson at the same spot we always had funnel cake growing up. 

My favorite part was seeing the new baby elephant! We got a perfect view of it on the tram ride... wish I had my camera ready because it was the cutest thing ever! Precious!!! We also saw a funny spider monkey who put on a show and a goofy orangutan.


  1. Great pictures! very cute pic of you and Miss T.

  2. Great pictures! My son loves maps and being the leader too! It must be a boy thing :)


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