Friday, June 3, 2011

A Few Favorites for Walking/Excercise

So, I have a new little goal... to get into shape. I'm not like a die-hard exercise fanatic - far from it, actually! But, I am trying to walk a few miles every morning during the week to help shed a few of these post-baby pounds (you know, since the "baby" is 17 months old and all). As a personal public service announcement, I thought I'd share a few of my new fav finds with you!

I have found an awesome iPhone app for walking/running/cycling/whateverfloatsyourboat called RunKeeper. It's awesome... it tracks distance, speed, time, route and will give cues over my music letting me know my stats. Mine cuts in every 5 minutes... it's a great motivator to increase speed! I love that I can look at a map after my walk to see where I went. Oh, and another awesome part... it's FREE! Woot-woot!

2. Speaking of armbands... okay, maybe we weren't talking about armbands yet.  I use one similar to this one. It's pretty simple and I can fit my phone into it with the slim case still on. My armband is actually for the 3g (I bought it several years ago) but it still stretches to hold my 4.

3. I found these great shorts that I'm kind of in love with for walking... or wearing 24/7. This picture doesn't do them justice... I don't wear them this tight (ick). They are a good length as not to show off my jiggly thighs and they have POCKETS! I normally stick my phone in my pocket (the headphones cord easily reaches) so that I don't have an armband tan line. The fabric is thinner than sweatshirt material so it's perfect for summer. I have them in black & gray and want this turquoise color too!

4. I use these headphones - I got them on sale cheap at T@rget a couple years ago and love that they don't fall off. They work great. 

What are some of your recent great finds? Do you have something that makes working out easier?

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