Monday, July 11, 2011

Halfway to 2?!?

June 30th marked 18 months for our Miss Taryn! I cannot believe she is half-way to 2. She is quite the feisty thing and we love her crazy personality to death! 

Taryn adores her family and is Cayson's shadow. She sweetly calls "Mommy!" "Daddy!" when she wakes up. I love to see her run to greet her daddy when he comes home.

When I snapped these pictures for her year and a half birthday, she climbed up in a booster seat to proudly grin at me and drink from MY bottle of water. She things she is so big! 

At her check up last week she weighed in at 23 lbs, 4 ounces. She was in the 25-50th percentile for weight and 50-75th for height. She grew 2.75 inches in less than 3 months!

She expands her vocabulary daily and is always surprising us with new words and phrases. I am hoping and crossing my fingers that as her vocabulary expands, her tantrums will cease. The tantrums and fits are about to do this momma in! I don't know if it's girl drama or if it's Taryn's personality... but I'm afraid we will be in for it come the teenage years! 

Taryn has become extremely attached to her pacifier lately due to her teething. Today, we started the weaning process of eliminating the pacifier. It was a tough day for us all! We are eliminating the pacifier except for naps and bedtime and eventually we'll completely eliminate it.


Taryn is all about dressing up these days... it's not unusual to find her wearing several outfits around her legs. She really loves to put Cayson's underwear on! She's pretty good about pulling her legs through them. She's becoming opinionated about her clothing and hair accessories and LOVES shoes. Shoes is a word she definitely can say clearly.

We love our sweet pea, Taryn, and are excited to see her grow but I'd love to keep her as my sweet little baby!

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  1. Love that girl so much! I cannot believe she is halfway to 2, our girls have to slow down the growing up.


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