Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tuesday 10

1. Cayson has been cracking me up with all kinds of one liners. Yesterday, I mentioned that I was feeling dizzy. He piped up from the other room, "Is it because you're talking too much?" Dusty got a good laugh out of that.

2. Cayson has also been critical about my clothing choices lately! It's been soooooo hot! I wore a strapless top one day and Cayson told me I was showing too much of my "top body." :)  I wore a dress to church Sunday and he questioned me later in the afternoon about it, telling me I needed to wear shorts with it because it was too short. Oh, my! Apparently, Momma needs a new wardrobe! Here's one offending top...

3. Our garden is finally producing! We have picked 4 squash, 15 jalapenos, 4 banana peppers, 1 lone tomato and 1 massive cucumber. We have about 30 or so jalapenos that are about ready and Dusty discovered 4 cantaloupes today on our voluntary vines! They vines came up from composting and are surprisingly producing.

4. I've had a couple of embarrassing little "moments" lately. Apparently, so embarrassing that I'm sharing them here. lol. On a Sunday a couple of weeks ago, I ran to the grocery store real quick before Dusty left town for a school. Somehow, I locked BOTH sets of keys in my car! We had to arrange childcare so Dusty could come try to break into my car in the scorching heat since he didn't have a car seat for Taryn. Luckily, he was able to get in. I haven't locked myself out of my car in over 8 years so I'd say that's a pretty good run.

5. This past week, I took Taryn to the pediatrician (45 miles away) for her check up. When I pulled into the parking lot, my car seemed to lose power and wouldn't turn. I was able to get into a parking spot and call my dear hubby. We had to arrange child care for Cayson (once again!) and Dusty made the trek to come to my rescue. He couldn't figure out what was wrong so we headed to a shop to have it looked at. Dusty then realized that it was turned to 4-wd lo which was causing the odd loss of power and turning issues. Cayson had sat in the driver's seat to tell me good bye that morning and apparently turned it to 4-wd lo. Ah! I was so relieved it wasn't an expensive fix but a little embarrassed by my stupidity.

6. It has be HOT here! I had to rush home with my groceries yesterday so my eggs wouldn't boil. lol. It was 114 on Saturday - too hot to do anything including cooking! I haven't been cooking much because it just heats up our house and makes the evenings  hot, hot.

7. We took Cayson to his first movie in a theater - Cars 2. He LOVES Cars (the first) but wasn't quite the fan of the second one. I did think the plot was a little advanced and I got the privilege of listening to his millions of questions through out the movie, "Why are there bad guys? What's going on? What is that?" and the list goes on. I enjoyed the movie besides answering all the questions from C.  
Fake smile

8. I must post this photo because I love it and I love him!!!

9. Dusty is working away! He attended a 5 day school the other week in a town far, far away. We missed his face that week. Thanks to this heat wave, his lawn mowing has slowed way down but he's still always busy with something. 

10. That's all I've got tonight. I've got to get some shut-eye before my early morning alarm. Have a great week all!

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