Thursday, July 21, 2011

Our Girl

I had a few rough days last week with our little girl. Her firey personality must be a test from God.  She has spent A LOT of time in time out, her crib and has become an expert at saying "I'm sorry." Let me see if I can summarize her destruction this week.

  • She has eaten glitter glue, Victoria's Secret lotion, A&D Ointment, a Dum-Dum sucker, animal crackers, cantaloupe.... the list goes on and on. If she wants it, she figures out a way to get it. In a split second, she pushed the bar stool across the kitchen to climb up so she could eat cantaloupe.... She's also spilled her brother's water (trying to drink from his cup) countless times. 
  • Pouring an entire bottle of water out on the table? Check. She even squeezed the bottle for good measure to make sure every.single.drop of water was out. Thanks, Taryn.
  • She tore out a page of a library book. Ugh. 

  • She filled the cat's water with cat food - twice.

  • I saw a lot of this face.... pure fury.

  • The bookshelf was completely emptied - twice. She has now figured out how to turn the trash can on it's side to use it as a step stool to everything... it doesn't matter that it has trash in it or anything.... She also used the "handy" trash can to reach her top drawer and empty all her clothes in it - twice.

  • Climbing in the tub fully dressed? Check... twice.

  • She also mastered the phrases "Naughty-naughty" and "No-no" complete with finger pointing.

    Despite all this rebellion from her, she really is cute and smart! She adores dressing up and you never know what she's going to walk out wearing - hats, underwear and shorts are her favorite. Pretty much anything she can put her feet through. One day last week, she had three pairs of underwear on over her clothing and was quite proud of herself!

Trying out Mom's new shoes.... she LOVES shoes!
This outfit picked out by Taryn. A lovely romper with a fleece pajama top. Cayson's tall khaki socks and her Sketchers. Pigtails pulled out resulting in crazy hair.

One funny thing she started doing this week is counting... all the way to 2! It's so funny to me... she does it all day long.
    She also loves to get "duck" (stuck). I remember Cayson going through this phase too and it's quite entertaining. Notice in this video she also asks me "Why?" She now asks "Why?" and "Huh?"

    If anyone wants free birth control, I'll let them *chase* Taryn for a day!

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    1. full of mischief but so so adorable! love that girl.


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