Sunday, September 4, 2011

Four Favs!

I thought today would be a great day to share a few of my recent favorite things. I always reading about others' fav finds so I thought I'd give my two cents.

1. My favorite scent at the moment is The Body Shop Satsuma Home Fragrance Oil. It is amazing! It's their signature scent that you usually smell when you're walking by in the mall. I had a Groupon to use awhile back and scored some oil and a burner. I must say that I love it! 

2. Ebates is something new to me but I've already earned over $25 in less than two months. When I'm doing online shopping, I usually shop around and then go to my Ebates site to see if the store is a participating store. Then, click through the link on Ebates and you earn a % of cash back. Ebates includes all kinds of popular stores - Old Navy, Children's Place, Sephora, Walmart, The Disney Store, Macy's, Nordstroms,, etc. Seriously, it's a crazy good deal to get paid to do your online shopping! They also have coupon codes posted to save you even more $$$!!!(Note: It looks like if you join today you get an added bonus - like a $10 Target card!!! Woot-woot!)

3. I've also tried "dry shampoo" for the first time and must admit that I am a fan! I currently use the Suave Professionals Dry Shampoo. I have super oily hair so this is perfect to soak up that icky oil at the end of a day or to cover up that I haven't had my daily shower. Ick! This is the only dry shampoo I've tried so far but it works beautifully and is quite the bargain price!

4. Pinterest... do you Pinterest? You can follow me here. It's an amazing site to find awesome inspiration! I've found so many great ideas that I can't wait to try out- everything from crafts, decor, home design, kids activities, recipes, style, etc. It's so fun... an addicting. There's even an iPhone app for the addiction..

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