Monday, October 3, 2011

Autumn Clusters!

Since returning home from vacation, I've dove into fall decorating and creating! I made a few autumn rosette clusters today for Sarah Found Sarah Made. I thought they turned out cute - they are even cuter on! Perfect to clip on a cardigan, scarf or purse!

I attempted a new autumn wreath too - so far, I'm loving it! The fabric bunting is just pinned on so I can change it out if I'd like. The rosettes are a cluster pin that I stuck on too. It's hanging from a strip of orange fabric that I tacked to the very top of the door for a custom & seamless look! I do love that I can change the wreath up for each holiday/season. I am contemplating adding a big fabric bow to the top... still undecided.

I hung last year's wreath on our entry mirror and added the J this year.

I've finished my mantle and just need to finish up the decor in the dining room. Next up, planting pansies, mums & kales! Pin It

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  1. I love all of your festive Fall-ness! Your latest burlap wreath is a-dor-able!


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