Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Tuesday 10 - Vacation Style

Pretty much all the material I have for this post revolves around vacation! 

1. Both kids loved flying! They both got a kick out of watching for airplanes at the airport. The both also napped on the planes which was a good thing for us! One of our flights was extremely rough - think: adults screaming out of fear. Yeah, a little rough as we flew through a storm. Cayson LOVED it! He thought it was just like a ride at Disney! He was chattering away the whole time and laughing.

2. An hour after getting to our resort, in true Taryn fashion, she fell and chipped her front tooth. There was a lot of blood and I nearly passed out. We visited the dentist yesterday and will have another appointment next week to get that tooth shaved a bit to get rid of the sharp edge (she's gotten bloody lips from it). Needless to say, she wasn't a very happy girl the first week of vacation due to the pain. Poor thing.

3. Cayson loved every little thing about vacation - from the flights (even the roughest flight ever! He thought it was great fun), riding his first roller coaster (Thunder Mountain at Magic Kingdom), the fun swimming pool, the beach, the eating, riding on boats, buses, trams, trains, monorails, etc. He cried the last day because he was not ready to come home!

4. We rode my now favorite roller coaster ever at Hollywood Studios - Rock N Roller Coaster - it BLARES Aerosmith through the ride and travels through the dark doing loops and corkscrews - so fun! We rode it twice!

5. This green shirt has made 3 appearances in Orlando... starting with our honeymoon 8 1/2 years ago! I've tried to get rid of this OLD shirt, but Dusty stands firm on keeping it. (He really was happy when I took this picture... this is his poker face)

6.  Both kids loved the Dumbo ride - so much that they rode it a total of 3 times! Taryn just wasn't her normal self thanks to the tooth injury so it was fun to find rides that she actually enjoyed and smiled on. We missed her smile that first week!


7. Cayson started out being frightened of the characters even though we worked hard to prepare him for them. By the end of the week, he was much more comfortable and happily had his picture taken with Goofy. The very last day, he decided he wanted his picture with Minnie & Mickey... which was impossible to do since it was a Saturday.

8. Dusty celebrated his birthday while we were visiting St. Augustine. Cayson loves throwing birthday parties so he & I went into town to get party supplies and cupcakes to throw Dusty a "surprise" party... Cayson kept telling everyone it was a surprise birthday yet he told Dusty about it. Ha ha. He was soooo excited and was very into it. We had to hide and Cayson counted to 4 before we could yell "Surprise!" It was cute how much fun Cayson had throwing the party.

9. Dad, Dusty & I visited the light house in St. Augustine and climbed to the top. I have a horrible irrational fear of heights so it was a big deal for me to climb those 219 stairs to the top. I had a white knuckled grip on the railing the entire time. It was beautiful and our first light house to visit! This was the first light house in the United States. It is painted brick which surprised me.

The view from the top.

10. The beach in Saint Augustine was beautiful. It was an interesting experience with kids. Not as easy as our child-less days of laying on the beach for hours. It was a lot of fun to introduce the kids to the beauty of the ocean. Taryn wasn't a big fan of the waves and ocean though she enjoyed digging in the sand. Cayson, on the other hand, fully embraced it and loved every.single.thing about it. He loved ocean, the sand, the sea shells, the surfers, the birds. So fun to see his wonderment.

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