Friday, October 14, 2011


It's been a long time since I've posted "Cayson-isms." He really is always saying something that cracks us up... though, he also asks a ton of questions that we don't know the answers to! He's always talking.... except when he's sleeping...

Cayson in the car on the way home from the airport the other week. I've never seen him this passed out in the car. At this point, we were pulled over by a local police officer & Cayson slept through the whole thing. Unusual for him!

A cute "Cayson-ism" from Sunday: We were looking through his Bible for a story to read before bedtimes and he told me he was looking for the story with the "Americans". I asked if he was talking about the Samaritan and he said no. I still have no clue which Bible story has "Americans."

On the way to the city last week, I was talking to him about towns, counties, cities, states, countries and trying to explain the differences. Complicated, by the way. I was quizzing him on our town, county, state & country. When I asked what country we live in, his reply was "United States God Bless America." We sing God Bless America quite a bit in our house - he knows it word for word so that's where his answer came from. lol.

Cayson has been asking several times a day when we are going back to Disney World. I told him maybe when he's 7 (and Taryn's 5). He keeps complaining because he wants to go NOW. 

After the Rangers lost their game last night, Cayson exclaimed, "What's up with my Texas? I need to tell them to practice every single day before their next game!" Little coach in the makings... 

Our happy boy

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