Wednesday, October 19, 2011

It's Fall, Ya'll!

We took our second trip out to P-Bar Farms Wednesday night for a little evening fun! Dusty drove the youth out for an event and the kids & I went out to play for a bit. It was cool.... almost cold. Perfect for us after our extremely hot summer here in Oklahoma!

Cayson jumped on the "grasshopper" this time and LOVED it! Taryn had a hard time staying on so she didn't enjoy much jump time. I love the pics of Cayson in action... I got quite a few great shots.

I really wanted a pic of my new boots.... shallow, I know but Dusty completely cropped them out of the pictures. :( They are cute and brown and the perfect already worn in beauty. 

We'll be making two more trips to P-Bar Farms in the next week.... and then one more visit in November!

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  1. Those actions shots are awesome!! Great pic of you and Miss T too!


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