Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Tuesday 10 - Catching Up a Bit

1. We've had a little Picasso on our hands... I keep finding her "artwork" in special spots throughout the house. She gleefully colored her ride-on toy as I sat stunned along with a book. I've also found pencil drawings on totes, dressers, her crib and their bedroom door. At least she honest... when I ask her who did it, she points to herself.

2. Taryn attended her BFF, Gracie's ladybug birthday party the other weekend. It was a fun party and Gracie was definitely the cutest ladybug ever! Tarn got a few good hits in on the pinata and enjoyed the food & cupcakes! 

3.  I'm participating in a new and fun event - Girl's Day in the Country at Mound Valley Farm! It's going to be a great weekend farm sale with all kinds of vendors! I've been busy at work to get my things ready for the sale... I only have a couple weeks to get my act together and I'll be out of state between now and then! Eek! Slightly stressed....I'm hoping to have lots of sets of magnets, tissue pockets, some baby things, chalkboards, frames, and other finds.

4. Speaking of... here are a few things that I've been working on! My sewing machine cratered and I have to make a trip to the city to get it worked on so I've been working on projects that don't involve sewing.

Tons of spray painting

Lots of magnets in the making

5. Dusty took Cayson "camping" in our yard Sunday night. To say he was excited would be an understatement. Thrilled and over-the-moon. I took Taryn out to hang out and try to sleep with the guys... it didn't last too long. The moment, we tried getting her to lay down to sleep, she signed "all done" and said "all done." Dusty did concur Monday morning that he may take on my philosophy of camping - staying in a Holiday Inn is enough camping for me! Ha ha.

6. Cayson had a hilarious bedtime prayer while they were camping that I wish I would have video-ed. He asked that "nobody would grab him and Daddy" while they camped in the yard. It included a few other cute phrases that I can't remember at this moment! I did take this video of him "reading" and singing God Bless America from one of his books. Taryn, of course, had to copy her brother.

7. Sunday afternoon, Dusty went in to get Taryn up after her nap. Imagine his surprise to find her standing  in the middle of the room instead of in her crib! Yikes! So far, that has been her only crib escape.

8. I have an easy Halloween this year - Cayson is going to be a firefighter (again) and I think Taryn will wear something Minnie Mouse from our trip to Disney. Neither has bags for candy so I do need to figure that part out.

9. One morning this past week, I walked in to find Taryn had done all kinds of magical twists to her pajama top to turn into a very inappropriate bikini top. Somehow, the neck of the shirt was done under her armpits yet the sleeves were still on? I don't know how she does it....

10. We've been working on different art projects and school to keep little hands occupied. We made these darling apple trees the other week which I found on Pinterest.

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  1. I'm going to try to make it to the out in the country show. It sounds like so much fun!

    I love the pic of the kids in the tent! Glad C had fun!


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