Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas Day (finally blogged!)

We had a fun-filled Christmas Day as our own little family unit. The kids fully loved digging into their stockings and opening their gifts. Cayson was so grateful and kept telling us how thankful he was for his gifts. That totally makes it worth it! Taryn loved her new baby dolls and lugged them everywhere as you can see in the pictures. We ate our traditional monkey bread for breakfast after opening gifts.

It was awesome to head to church on Christmas Day to celebrate His birth! I loved it! Our church had a family service so Taryn was in with us and she actually slept through the majority of the service. We came home to an nontraditional meal of chili for lunch followed by naps!

We headed down to Dusty's parents' Christmas evening to celebrate with his side of the family. It was a big jolly time with loads of food and gifts!

Dusty with his older brother, Greg

The brothers with their dad aka Santa

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  1. Gracelyn loved look a pics of T with her new dolls! I love all your pictures, the pics of the kids together and family pics are just great.


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