Sunday, January 1, 2012

Terrific 2's for Miss Taryn!

We celebrated our girl on Friday as she turned two. It was bittersweet... saying goodbye to 1 and hello to toddlerhood. 
The little miss was pleased to discover a tiny bicycle and helmet waiting for her and her big brother was more than happy to "teach" her how to use it.

She was happy to feast on donut holes and a banana for breakfast!

She adores her new Daisy Duck and insisted on taking it everywhere we went.

We had unseasonably warm temps for Taryn's birthday this year. It's hard to believe it was snowing the eve of her birth and there was snow on the ground when we left the hospital with our bundle! Back, to the warm weather, we headed to the zoo to take full advantage. I don't think it will often be mid-60's on December 30!

Taryn LOVED the zoo! She fully embraced everything about it - running ahead, waving at all the animals, oohing and aahing. It was perfect!

After the zoo, we did a little shopping and then took our birthday girl to Sara Sara Cupcake to get a birthday cupcake! They were sweet enough to add the candle for her to blow out. These next two pics are so sweet to me.

Word that describe Taryn: Sassy, stubborn, adorable, motherly, active, sweet, loving, dramatic, pouty, energetic, center of attention, independent

Loves: Minnie Mouse, Daisy Duck, cars, harassing her brother, eating, playing pirates, Grandma and Granddaddy, animals, Princesses, "school," her friend, Gracie, dancing and singing, jumping, shoes, watching Mickey Mouse, bath time.

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  1. What an incredibly sweet post! I love your pictures and your words and most of all, Miss T. Gracelyn and I both love that girl. Her spunk and sass is awesome! I am so glad that the weather worked out for you guys to be able to enjoy the zoo. What a treat! Love your family!


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