Monday, January 30, 2012

Date Day in the Big City!

Dusty and I got to go to have a "date afternoon/night" last week! It was much needed time away from  the hectic craziness of life. We ate a gourmet meal at Chic-fil-a (thanks to a coupon for free chicken nuggets) and did some quick shopping to pick up necessities for Taryn's birthday party along... which leads to me an ordeal at T@rget that we experienced.

We shopped our hearts out at Target buying clearanced items, groceries, necessities, and all those cute things they tease you with..... we finally headed to the check out and waited about 10ish minutes in line. The check out girl asked if wanted to open a  T@rget check card account to save the 5% on all purchases... I'd been meaning to do it so I agreed. When she got to the application process, she requested a check. "Uh-oh" All I had was a temporary check that was somewhat wadded up in the bottom of my purse. Of course, the reader would not read it so I told her it was okay, I'd just pay cash. The clerk could not get out of the application and into the payment screen. So, a manager was called and they declared the computer had locked up. (I think they just didn't know how to exit). Here we are, in a hurry to head out to eat before the basketball game with a cart of bagged products... and I do mean A LOT of bags!

The manager declared the only option was to be rung up on another lane. Mind you, by this time, there's a long line of folks behind us including the lady right behind us who had unloaded her VERY full cart of products onto the conveyor belt already. Ugh. So, they got out all of my coupons from the drawer and took us to another lane to be re-rung out so I could pay in cash for purchases. I was quite frustrated and really wanted to just walk out. Dusty was awesome and reminded me that it is no big deal. That was the attitude check I needed to remember that our actions are a reflection of who we are in Christ. How I react to this situation matters... to me, to my husband, to the clerk and manager and most importantly, to God. Fifteen minutes later, we were out the door paying $2 less than the original total because the manager caught a coupon that did not scan the first time.

After that, we made a quick stop at Hobby Lobby before heading downtown for dinner and basketball! I must say, thanks to the delay at T@rget, we got downtown at the perfect time to catch a free parking space open up a block from the arena. Score! We decided to skip the dinner and just go on to the game and watch pregame warm-ups.

This guy was sitting right in front of us. Talk about Awesome-ness! He is NOT wearing a shirt under that cape - just some spiffy suspenders. lol. He was pretty cool and chill during the game.

It was a great day... a day of learning from the every-day frustrations and a day of bonding with my dear husband! Oh, and the Thunder WON!

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  1. I'm glad you guys had a great date day/night! Isn't is amazing how calm our husbands can be in situations? I am glad in the midst of craziness you could look to Dusty and be okay and everything just fell into place with the lesser total and parking spot!


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