Sunday, January 29, 2012

The perfect shade of pink....

Most days, I am extremely grateful to be mommy to Cayson and Taryn... and occasionally, there are days when I would like to have a time-out card for Mommy... today, being one of those days...

This morning, I put on a Veggie Tales so I could quietly do my devotions in my bedroom. Taryn wasn't too interested and went to the kids' room to play. No big deal... or at least, that's what I thought. She emerged a little bit later and Cayson yelled for me to come see the pink on Taryn's face. Okay, her face was not what worried me when I saw the rest of her.... 

Little speck of pink on her cheek
She had slathered pink nail polish on her toes (front and back, she was thorough) and feet. Oh, yes!

I sat the naughty girl on the changing pad to clean her off all while I was shrieking out of complete horror at the disaster that was my sweet girl's beautiful skin. Then, it dawned on me that I needed to take pictures before I cleaned her so I raced to get the camera only to realize it didn't have the card in it and I could not find the card reader and card anywhere. So, iPhone had to suffice to record this moment.

As I began scrubbing, I raised her pant leg only to discover she also painted her legs and knees. Oh, joy! Taryn does not do things half-way, that is for sure. Eek!

I decided the best attack was sticking her in a bubble bath to let the warm water help with the paint removal. I made her scrub it as part of her punishment. Yeah, punishment, yeah, right.

I will admit that I am grateful that she used her Piggy Paint polish instead of the real deal. Piggy Paint is water soluble so it did come off in the bath. I scrubbed the carpet with water and vinegar and it came right out. Her pajamas are another story... still trying to get the pink out.

Oh, and then the cat puked.... and Taryn touched it. *gag*

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  1. You could seriously write a book on the Adventures of Miss T! That goofy girl!


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