Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tuesday 10- Breaking the Silence

1. I know posting has been zero. We've been going through a rough patch around here. My mom has been in very bad health the past few weeks and we've been focused on her and our little family. Mom is getting better - it's been a slow process. I'll hopefully, get a post done dedicated to that. She sees a specialist on Thursday whom we hope can shed some light on the happenings because as of now, we have no answers.

2. On top of things, this sweet momma's boy was down for a week with what I am sure was the flu. :( Thankfully, he is back to his active self now.

3. If you are a lady in Oklahoma (any age!), please watch this video and plan to attend this wonderful women's event put on by a sweet friend, Cari. Seriously, it's going to be a faith building event for ladies that will totally rock your world! Online registration can be found here.

4. Taryn's bedtime prayers have become so fun to listen to lately. Most of the time she points to things as she "ganks God" for it. Her prayers usually go like this, "Gank you for my paci, gank you for bed, gank you for door and hats, gank you for books, gank you for carseat, gank you for Mommy, Daddy and Cayson. Amen" Some prayers, she lists all her classmates and teachers from school too. I love it!

5. These kids really are such a blast to parent. Some days are trying, for sure. But really, how cute are they? I must note that we were parked at church - thus why Cayson is already unbuckled. Don't you love T's crooked sunglasses?

6. Dusty's nine year anniversary with the police department was March 10. He started working there only 5 days before our wedding... speaking of, our anniversary is later this week. :)

7.  This is one of my favorite shadow picture from a few weeks ago. Playing kids!

8. This boy.... his hair is long - hair cut is scheduled for next week. He is counting by 10's to 100. He knows all his letter sounds. He is destined to be smarter than his momma. Playing cars, pirates, knights, policeman are still his favorites. His picky eating is driving this momma crazy. He hit a HUGE milestone by quitting the thumb sucking. His one week reward was his very first taste of Coke. His second week reward was ice cream. Now, he wants to know what he gets this Saturday. Sneaky boy. He also got to pick out a prize from Momma at Walmart and a prize from his grandparents'. His choice? More police cars and an umbrella.

9. I've been itching to sew and finally made a little time to attempt a dress for Miss T using a tank top as the top. I love the main fabric - Amy Butler, of course.

10. Dusty and I were able to enjoy a nice little date last weekend. A very rare occasion... especially with all that is going on. My sis kept the kiddos and were able to go out for dinner and then take in an OKC Thunder game with our Sunday School class. We ended the evening with our first visit to Pinkitzel for cupcakes!  None of my pics of Dusty and I turned out. Sad, sad.

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  1. Fun post! Happy Anniversary and have a fun trip!


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