Sunday, February 26, 2012

Gorgeous Sunday

We enjoyed a fabulous Sunday afternoon with warm temps and NO WIND. No wind is a big thing for our western Oklahoma town so the kids took advantage of it and dined on their raisins and generic vanilla wafers outdoors. Sunglasses were a must!

I am trying to be a little more present in photographs with the kids so that when we are old and decrepit, they'll have photographic proof that I existed. When I looked over our Christmas pics, I think I was in two or three pictures. I am always the one behind the camera - not in front of it!

So, we practiced taking a few self portraits with the big camera... not an easy task, by the way!

Taryn, like usual, was more interested in her snack then the camera.

We had a fun afternoon outside playing in sawdust, yeah, you read that right, and making fun shadows. More pics to come of that!

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