Friday, April 20, 2012

Springtime Love!

Life in the Jarnagin household has been busy - thus the lack of posts. I think blogging and crafting have taken a backseat to life in general. We've enjoyed the spring like temperatures but we're not too fond of the tornado season. We have been working on the flower beds and garden which seem to be taking a beating from some invisible mean-hearted insects. Cayson and I planted some seeds indoors and some of them are thriving... some, not so much. We currently have 8 jalapeno seedlings so it could be a spicy summer! :)

We are gearing up for a certain little boy's upcoming birthday! He is going to be a WHOLE HAND! Wow! This is quite the milestone. His birthday party will happen... eventually. Between conventions, scheduled surgeries, etc, we are waiting to find a good date for a big party. His chosen theme this year is police so it should be fun!

I'm happy to report that Taryn is potty trained! She has been doing excellent. She sleeps in a pull up because she hasn't quite mastered staying dry at night. Today, she lost her very last pacifier so we were forced to start the "break Taryn of the pacifier" training. She is quickly leaving her babyhood behind and it saddens me. We packed up the changing pad - it's never been packed up- and we're talking about getting bunk beds and packing up the crib. The crib has been up since Cayson was born. :(

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  1. I love the pictures of your littles! such sweeties. And I have missed updates but know you are super busy.


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