Sunday, May 13, 2012

Police Party Fun!

We celebrated Cayson's 5th birthday in true blue police style on Saturday. Despite many obstacles, it happened and was a blast! The party was supposed to be at our house but our driveway (which was supposed to be finished) looked like this making it impossible to reach our backyard. Big time bummer.

We improvised at the very last minute and held the party down the street on my parents' big driveway. It turned out perfectly and the kids had a blast which is the most important thing. We did have several people stop, thinking we were having a garage sale. We are redneck, I guess!

I set up a target practice board for the boys to shoot Nerf guns at. It was just the backside of our baseball beanbag game from two years ago.

The menu was fun and simple. Peanut butter & jelly sandwiches for the kids and Italian shredded beef sandwiches for the adults. We had chips and a veggie tray along with lemon cupcakes (courtesy of my mother in law) and quadruple chocolate cupcakes. A police party wouldn't be complete without a donut cake! Ha ha.

The bunting was made using a thrift store found shirt and some double fold bias tape from my stash. I used hot glue and fabric glue to attach... didn't even bust out the sewing machine for this project!

All of the boys had a blast just running around chasing each other with guns. So, not politically correct, I know. It wasn't the plan but oh, well. That's our life with a police daddy.

A special thanks to my parents who willingly let us take over their front yard. My dad and Dusty worked hard Saturday morning to get everything ready. Dusty's parents were sweet to bring tables and chairs along with delicious lemon cupcakes! We are lucky to have such great family and friends!

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  1. The party was a huge success. Way to go, Mom!


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